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Feb 18, 2012


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Phoenix Woman

Yup, yup and yup. Even Alinsky recognized that his combative style didn't work in every situation -- and that in fact there were situations where it was better to let the other side land all the physical punches. That's what the civil rights and the Occupy protesters are doing for the most part, and while the media's been doing its best to demonize the Occupiers, it's hard to do so when photos of eighty-year-old great-grandmas with pepper spray dripping from their faces are circulating.

The Mahablog calls this "the Bigger Asshole Rule", and simply put, it's this: In a public confrontation, whoever is seen to be the bigger asshole - usually through some physical act of violence -- is the loser of the war of public opinion. When the Southern sheriffs set the police dogs and firehoses on the little girls with their parents, all dressed in their Sunday best, the sheriffs lost the war of public opinion when the pictures of those incidents were shown to the nation.

Vicki Oakes, you not only broke the Bigger Asshole Rule, you smashed it to pieces -- and that's going to cost you as the word gets out.

Mike Worcester

Did she as chair of this commission have the authority to order no video taping? Doesn't state statute allow for it? Just curious. Unfortunately this also serves to sully the image of so many honest and dedicated local public servants who sit on literally thousands of commissions like this across the state.


Editor's note: Typically, Bluestem doesn't publish comments that contain information that we know to be factually incorrect, but Gary's comment clearly illustrates a standard smear against grassroots activists trying to preserve a place they love.

His observations about the potluck and protests are sheer Fox News/Glenn Beck template.

Let's unpack the smear.

"Wined and dined": If plates of bars baked by local citizens, crockpots filled with sloppy joes, hot dogs with condiments are Gary's idea of being and dined, we think he needs to get out more. For instance, many churches, civic groups and youth sports groups also "wine and dine" local people in Big Stone County.

Perhaps he can start his own blog and expose the corruption of the neighbors he so distrusts.

Protest signs: Yep, some local kids made the signs. Sure evidence of "teh radical." And as far as signs being thrust into people's hands, people willing picked them up. Face it, Gary, many of your neighbors in Big Stone County don't like the project.

Typed up lyrics: Gary must prefer improv. Perhaps he'll share some time at a comedy club.

But keep trollling blogs, Gary, and talking tough, because with a township interim ordinance in place, your smears against your neighbors aren't taking root. Nor is this sort of online revisionism about a potluck you didn't attend.

Nor was there any ban on photography, as Gary states.

The original comment:

When I went to that meeting, I saw a lady trying to hold a civilized meeting
with a somewhat hostile group in attendance.

After being “ wined and dine” by a few radical protesters, having signs shoved in their hands to carry, and instructed to sing songs typed up ahead of time, there wasn’t much chance of them attending with an open mind.

The public wasn’t suppose to have any input in the meeting originally, but was generously allowed to by the chairman on two conditions, be recognized before speaking, and not to take pictures or video tape the proceeding. Guess we know how that worked out.

Using ignorance lies, and intimidation, do you feel your cause slipping away?


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