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Feb 17, 2012


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T Pa or Coffee

How can Sarah Anderson drone on about the "New York DECA's 2012 State Career Convention" being held in Rochester and not have a clue that an event for New York State high school business students might be held somewhere in New York?

Since she is in a leadership role of the Republican party, sending Sarah to be educated by a former PUBLIC SCHOOL teacher will not work. A public school teacher would have nothing to offer such a bright, fact finding, congenial person.

The latest word at the capital has the Republicans preparing a bill to adopt the "flat earth" society's position. When the bill passes, the Minnesota citizens will then vote this fall on a constitutional amendment to repeal the law of gravity. The Republicans will campaign for it as a energy saving measure. The polls show that 96.8% of the people attending Republican conventions thought it was a good idea.

Questions: Wonder why Sarah didn't mention the "Ninth Annual Ugly Disco Bash" that was also being held this month at the Rochester, New York convention hall? (That sounded interesting.) Dare we ask if there was something extra in that large soda container next to Sarah in the video?

Phoenix Woman

Since she's apparently so knowledgeable about Rochester, New York, would she care to expound on the recent (and likely terminal) troubles of the Kodak company there?

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