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Feb 12, 2012


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Phoenix Woman

Words fail me. Each time I try to determine who is the more delusional -- or reality-avoiding, or amoral -- of the two, Mike Parry or Allen Quist, I can only resort to trying to plot their positions on this chart: http://vagabondscholar.blogspot.com/2010/11/stupid-evil-crazy-vortex.html

As I said in the comments to that post:

-- I want to note that the effects of long-term chronic cognitive dissonance tend to lead a person into the center of the vortex. That is, if they didn't start out stupid and/or crazy, the perceived need to justify actions they know in their hearts to be immoral winds up taxing their intellect and their sanity.

-- This is how someone like Alan Dershowitz, who started out as a brilliant man, can wind up being reduced to defending Glenn Reynolds' and Sarah Palin's abuse of the term "blood libel", something even known conservative Abe Foxman won't do.

-- This is how Victor Davis Hanson can go from being a moderately-respected historian to the intellectual equivalent of a troll under a bridge.

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