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Mar 02, 2012


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It happens too often to be a fluke. Besides the jerk in South Carolina, the current AG of Nebraska, and possible next US senator, compared welfare recipients to raccoons eating cockroaches. http://tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com/2011/08/nebraska-ag-jon-bruning-compares-welfare-recipients-to-scavenging-racoons.php

A bit like the latest Limbaugh controversy, a dark side is showing.

T Pa or Coffee

No wonder the Chancellor of the University of Minnesota Duluth was given $535,700 to simply leave. With Mary Franson and Sarah Anderson being amongst their graduates, someone had to take the fall for the huge embarrassment caused by the lack of education shown by their graduates. It must be the new math taught at Duluth...First you push 4-5 billion in payments until the next year. When you find $180 million still in your checkbook, congratulate yourself on how you created such a surplus in such a short time. Sounds like the accounting of a 10 year old babysitter.


Editor's note: Actually, Bluestem enjoys strong friendships with Republicans who are equally appalled by this sort of thing.

The comment:


Phoenix Woman

The Tom Heffelfingers still remaining among the Republicans must be horrified at this.

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