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Mar 01, 2012


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Phoenix Woman

So this is yet another example of conservative grifters trying to keep their wingnut-welfare gravy train going? That would explain the theory advanced by a prominent science blogger that Gleick was set up by the Heartland Institute: http://scienceblogs.com/gregladen/2012/02/heartland-1_ncse-0.php

By the way, this also proves that Gleick didn't "forge" anything as the Heartlanders claimed, so the Heartland folks, in baiting and springing their trap, are exposed in another lie (namely the "forgery" one). Of course they're counting on the knife-to-a-gunfight wing of the left to ignore this as the lefties all swarm to show how fair and balanced they are by beating up on Gleick when, unlike Heartland's minions, he didn't hack into any university computers to get his data.

Sally Jo Sorensen

Personally, I don't find Laden and Otto's analyses compelling. Interesting speculation but not convincing however dolled up in a methodology that on the surface appears scientific.

Not proof.

I took the yoking of the scandal to be proof of opportunism, not guilt of setting a honey trap

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