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Mar 05, 2012


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Charlie Quimby

Most people with drug problems aren't looking ahead to their eligibility for assitance. But when they do seek help, they aren't looking for Mary Franson to kick them in the teeth for ten years.

T Pa or Coffee

Franson complains about vile name calling. Didn't she do that with equating poor people to animals?

Phoenix Woman

"Franson complains about vile name calling. Didn't she do that with equating poor people to animals?"

Oh, indeed. At the same time, her opponents shouldn't be feeding her ammunition by violating the Bigger Asshole Rule.

Robyn Foss

Editor's note: Bluestem Prairie hasn't called for Franson to resign, nor will we.

And while we agree with the commenter below that citizens would be best served by voting her out of office, we do not support the notion that anyone should toil at low wages, regardless of what we think of her or his policy positions.

The comment:

If Representative Franson won't resign, it is up to WE THE PEOPLE to go and VOTE HER OUT this next election. Make sure of your district, and get ready for Nov. This Rep. needs to be sent to her part time 8.00 an hour job she works at
when she is not at the captital backing laws that
is based off of a sick joke.


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