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May 04, 2012


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Phoenix Woman

Oh, geez.

If the folks making up the Twin Cities contingent of the DFL (and its blogger surrogates) want to avoid being thought of as a bunch of out-of-touch anti-rural snobs hungering to be thought of as hipsters and craving the approval of East or West Coast denizens, this is not how they do it.


Perhaps they will realize the urgency when they travel 14 to the DFL convention in a few weeks.

Phoenix Woman

"Perhaps they will realize the urgency when they travel 14 to the DFL convention in a few weeks."

From what I understand, the Dems who actually live near and know 14 know it's a death trap and back Parry's bill (and are likely not very happy about being kicked to the curb by their alleged betters).

It's the people in the Gopher State who never travel a highway or freeway unless there's a "94", "36" or "35" in its name who are the ones that are not cognizant of, or care about, Highway 14's pitiful state. (As you can see from this map (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:US_14_map.png), Highway 14 is well south and therefore out of sight and mind of the persons who came up with this scheme.)

Todd Deming

The thing that bothers me the most is what I feel to be a lack of ownership of the roads and bridges by the citizens of our state.
It seems as if nobody is willing to pay a small amount more in gas tax, but complain when limited funds are not enough to do what is needed.

Trying to get your piece of pie while denying someone else their share has not worked for the local reps in the past,and won't now either.

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