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May 24, 2012


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T Pa or Coffee

Thank you for highlighting the dental needs of Dayton Administration's Minnesota Pollution watchdog. Along with chewing on frac sand, the MPCA and the USDA have been "gumming up" the Minnesota River cleanup. Conservation education programs started in the 1930's and thanks to Arnie Carlson, intensified over the last 10-20 years. Dayton and the Obama USDA will now serve us more of the same old dish to chew on.

Prior to these recent announcements by the Minnesota Pollution Permitting Agency and the USDA on the Minnesota River, there was a series of curious meetings between the agriculture pollution denier organizations and at least the Minnesota Obama(NRCS)USDA. As implied in the announcements, the various grower organizations have "bought in" (or should I say "won"...no enforcement for 10 years; a wetlands win; more "atta boy trophey's and $; and no teeth or even the threat of false teeth). One can hardly wait to see the "Soybean Growers" out front on the education to clean up the river. So far, their major contribution and effort has been to turn out reports and claims that the Minnesota River pollution is not agriculture's fault but that the pollution is "natural". It's like putting the coal company in charge of a high school climate change educational program. I see no sincerity in the effort but it may now be a "good fit" for both parties.

Just as the Minnesota Republican Party is now becoming the party of choice, the leaderless DFL is morphing out of its cocoon into a pollution apologist.

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