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Jun 13, 2012


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Phoenix Woman

Editor's note: Well, yes, but the Bills' trailer is pretty creepy--though effective in getting attention. What's interesting isn't that Bills is strange, but that the altenative is equally a nutter--and the media largely incurious about that.

The original comment:

So John Hugh Gilmore, the guy who drunk-bashes Muslim women and their female friends, is still doing his kiss-up-kick-down routine and getting away with it? Funny how so many male bloggers and scribes who consider themselves really hardshelled and cleareyed cases are so easily, easily rolled by him and his fellow West Metro One Percenter hireling Michael Brodkorb.

Phoenix Woman

"What's interesting isn't that Bills is strange, but that the altenative is equally a nutter--and the media largely incurious about that."

The fact that both gents are nutty in similar ways is what really makes it interesting to me.

Let's look at this situation:

Nutty cinematically-inclined insurgent candidate who wrests endorsement from MNGOP: Nuttiness gone over with fine-toothed comb by longtime GOP operatives working on behalf of the MNGOP establishment heavily invested in beating back the insurgency; local media scribes dutifully stenograph these operatives' work.

Nutty cinematically-inclinded candidate that is backed by MNGOP establishment and is competing against the insurgent MNGOP candidate: Nuttiness ignored by local media scribes, especially those who are apparently helpless to record or transmit anything not handed to them by a representative of the local Republican establishment.

Is it just me, or is there a pattern here?

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