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Jun 30, 2012


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T Pa or Coffee

Most interesting story! With the MPCA's staff often appearing to mock, diminish or ridicule people who complain or ask questions about feedlots; it is not surprising that no one has yet contacted the MPCA.

What is especially disturbing is that the MPCA's feedlot division's "mock and ridicule" tactic now appears to have taken a new turn. They now go beyond the point of being "economical with the truth" to the point of outright lies. For example, one person new to a town in southern Minnesota called the Mankato MPCA office this spring to complain about the feedlot odor from a site inside the city limits. She was told both that "no one has ever complained about this site before" and that the "city recently annexed the site into the community". BOTH WERE OUTRIGHT LIES. There have been numerous complaints for over a decade about the former Mayor's operation and the site was part of the original 1898 incorporation.

I look forward to you looking further up the MPCA's skirt to see if the public's interest is again being poorly represented...or even represented at all.

Phoenix Woman

Interesting. If the Davis family was on the level about this, it would be a good deal indeed. But their past history as sketched does make one wonder. So does their support of a party that wants to pollute until (ahem) the cows come home.

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