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Jun 28, 2012


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Dog Gone

It's early yet, but quite possibly my favorite turn of phrase for the week is "locked in a stink contest'.

Well done; those who vigorously, ludicrously wave flags of false patriotic fervor and overblown imagery end up diminishing and demeaning those very serious and tragic historic events.

What they fail to do is to gain any legitimacy from it, when effectively challenged by calm, rational factual argument.

The performance by these idiots is like being treated to a screaming contest that values volume over tone, but in any case is distatesful and unpleasant. It is behavior I have seen from bored elementary schoolers feeling a need to expand their lungs momentarily, but it is not something that appeals to the human brain.

Which should tell us something about those who support eiher Quist or Parry. What a pair of imbeciles, very noisy and offensive imbeciles.

Anyone who belongs to the same nominal party they claim to represent should be ashamed, if they are at all educated about real history.

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