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Sep 03, 2012


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Phoenix Woman

What is it with Republicans and lying? http://blog.chron.com/txpotomac/2012/09/the-only-lie-that-seems-to-matter-paul-ryans-fudged-marathon-time/

Elizabeth Anderson

Editor's note: Poor Elizabeth is having a really difficult time understanding that if those organizing "rally" allow candidates to speak, and hold it at a politician's office, and one political party owns it on a BPOU website, that yes, it's political. And of course, on Planet Elizabeth, a bill pending in Congress and the issue of abortion aren't political.

Those who genuinely want "non-political" events don't put political candidates on the speakers' list during an election year, whatever Ms. Anderson and the organizers want to pretend they were doing. They chose to let a series of political candidates speak, thus bringing electoral politics into the politics of opposition to the bill.

But Bluestem thinks that her mental gymnastics below illustrate the lengths that Cravaack supporters will go to somehow claim that only Democrats "protest" and hold "rallies" and when conservatives "rally," and allow political candidates to speak, their events are somehow magically not political. Or not rallies. Or protests. Sweet!

The comment:

The "protest" which took place in front of the former Congressman's office was declared a "Rally for Life". The title protest was not assigned by the pro-family and life organizers. This was neither a "Tea Party" or political event. The fact that candidates or Tea Party participants attended seemed to be of much greater interest to the local media than it was to the organizers.

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