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Oct 31, 2012


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Charlie Quimby

Excellent reporting.

Phoenix Woman

So, to sum up:

The tellers of the Laundromat Story:

--can't get the year right

--can't get the names of the persons involved right

--name the wrong persons in any event

--have never filed any formal complaints to the proper authorities concerning the alleged incident that they keep claiming is so important

-- can't even get the true identity of the alleged laundromat right.

Oh, and they've decided, without any fanfare, to drop the entire story from their appeal of their dismissed lawsuit.

And this is their Exhibit A in their War on Voting?

This is what they keep citing -- with, in finest "urban legend" fashion, oddly shifting dates and details -- year after year as "proof" of the need to gut Minnesota's sterling voting system, the envy of the rest of America?

What the hell are these people smoking? Seriously, what are they smoking?


Sally Jo, I really enjoyed this report! After hearing the 'laundromat' example bandied about as a case of voter fraud (sometimes going into the hundreds of ineligible voters) it is refreshing to see the real story come to light!

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