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Oct 14, 2012


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Phoenix Woman

So right now Andy Parrish is pretty much doing diddly, at least publicly, for the fading campaign of M4M and still (by his own Tweeted admission) pulling down $10,000 a month?

And he's getting $4,000 a month from the never-got-off-the-ground campaign of Lee Byberg?

Plus however much off the top of the $25,000 that his new ASM outfit has allegedly raised for the four state legislative campaigns in which it's involved -- campaigns that its presence, coming as it does so late in the election cycle, will likely not materially influence? (Oooh, but Mr. Rollins' name is on the masthead! That's gotta be worth somethin', right?)

Hey, the DFL should lobby hard for this guy to become Chief of Staff to some state Senate Republican bigwig -- and do it before people start wondering why he's no longer working the corridors of power in DC but is back to the decidedly smaller world of Minnesota politics.

And why am I thinking, suddenly, of Tony Sutton and his ability to get conservatives with more money than sense to fund whatever wild endeavor popped into his head?

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