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Dec 20, 2012


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T Pa or Coffee

If he wins, what a back bench for the Republicans...Twist; Franson; Corn..ish.

Bill Jungbauer

It's alright for DFL Representative Joe Atkins to use campaign funds to pay for his hotel room and rent a car in Florida but Mary Franson can't do a website informing voters of important information?

Editor's note: Under Minnesota campaign finance law, legislators are allowed to use campaign committee funds for the expenses of being in office. This includes travel and lodging while attending conferences such as ALEC, NCSL and other organizations. These are reported as non-campaign expenses, and similar expenses are found on the campaign finance reports of legislators from both parties.

Minnesota Statutes, Section10A.01, subd. 26 (10) specifically provides for a noncampaign disbursement for “payment by a principal campaign committee of the candidate's expenses for serving in public office, other than for personal uses."

Mr. Jungbauer appears to have complained about Mr. Atkins' expenses across the web, but not to the state board which has authority to determine the propriety of Representative Atkins' actions.

Since Representative Franson has changed her website's purpose from its original role as advocacy of policy change to one of informing citizens, she has conformed to the law.

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