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Jan 29, 2013


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Mike Worcester

Good grief are we back to this again?

When he was a state representative, Mark Olson touted this in his lit/appearances as a way of trying to show he wanted to improve transit in the state other than going with what worked--buses, light rail, commuter rail, etc. His opponents used to ask him when it would possibly be ready and he could offer no response because it was so far-fetched that nobody could even put a price tag on it, let alone a completion date.

I may recall this wrong, but doesn't the University of Minnesota own some patents on variants of PRT?

Michael D. Setty

You forgot to mention there is a railroad track from Odessa, MN to Ortonville...don't forget Big Stone City in SD... :-0 Via Avidor...

Phoenix Woman

You know, it just occurred to me that the same people who push the pods (but *not* because the pods would allow the white-flighters to avoid having to sit or stand next to Those People on a crowded bus! Oh no, racism has *nothing* to do with it!) are often among those who bemoan the loss of community as people turn inward and don't seek out face-to-face contact with others. Maybe they might help restore that sense of community if they actually tried a) riding the bus or light rail and b) striking up a conversation or two with their seatmates.

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