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Sep 03, 2013


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Oh, this is rich. He walked the beans (they don't do that anymore), worked the land (with a hoe, one-row combine or an old tractor?) and maintained the property (which means he painted fences and mowed the lawn...).

Yet, this first-hand knowledge, which has been overcome by technology during the past 30 years, somehow makes him a farmer who "understands" agribusiness.

I think politicians who base their campaigns on farming are marginalizing themselves. Furthermore, I believe rural residents are finding themselves farther away from the farm (on a residential and business level), as land prices skyrocket and the cost of production continues to rise.


Editor's note: Without guys like Wesley (the Vice President of Advertisement for the Mankato Times) in this world to set us straight, Bluestem Prairie would have no idea it's a blog.

Original comment:

The word "media" is synonymous with "news." After reading this article, if it can be called that, it appears to contain little news and much politically slanted opinion. Perhaps Bluestem Prairie should change their slogan from "new media" to political blog. Just trying to help make clear the purpose of the website based on a factual interpretation of what news really is.

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