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May 22, 2014


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Joni L Whting

If any one of his constituents thinks this guy is doing nothing more then damage control on his stance against the sick and dying people of Minnesota they get what they deserve. You can't change old white haired dinosaurs unless it becomes one of his family, close friend or relative whose suffering then wakes him up to reality. Those who already know, merely vote them out. Alexandria needs someone to represent them who is open-minded enough to embrace reality.
To me, He is a tick on the face of a dying cancer patient, sucking the life and blood out of those he could help. Ignoring their pleas to let them choose their medicine and their quality of life as they die and suffer from their disease.
As I fight on in honor of my daughter who used cannabis for severe nausea, and pain before she died, and for the sick and dying in Minnesota to be able to use cannabis as a medicine without legal ramifications. I feel nothing but pity for such an unyielding stance.
You can't teach an old dog new tricks and this old dog's gotta go in the next election.
We all will face death someday, I just hope when it's his turn, compassion will have prevailed and if he needs it, it will be his choice without fear of arrest, and not others who decide for him.

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