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Aug 11, 2014


Axelrod Shindig

It's embarrassing that Chris Fields got all of 25% when he ran against Keith Ellison in 2012.


He's NOT Minnesota Nice, and should be removed from office for making MN look bad, POS troll. >:(


Chris Fields is NOT ANYWHERE nice. Out of a job would be a good place for him.

ron tyler

What a jerk!

Phil Margo

Mr Fields, with all due respect, u and your party are simply full of shit!

Dave Tetzlaff

I'm surprised Bluestem isn't connecting some obvious dots here: The MNGOP Deputy Chair is creating a poopstorm on Twitter in the wake of the suicide of a millionaire celebrity depressive, and his boy Jeff4Gov just happens to be waging an election campaign against... a millionare celebrity depressive. When Fields Tweetles "Bcuz real ppl who dont have millions are crushed by the policies of guilt ridden celebrity above all" he ain't talkin' Robin Williams, as Mork isn't exactly known as a policy advocate.

This isn't inexcusable insensitivity to the tragic death of a beloved comedian and actor. It's a Machiavellian attempt to bring Mark Dayton history of treatment for mild depression on the table through the back-door, adding to the stigmatization of millions of people who suffer from chronic but highly treatable mental health issues. THAT hurts real people. (SMH)

Phoenix Woman

The wingnuts got the word to attack Robin Williams right from the get-go.

Last night, my neonazi father-in-law was spamming a right-wing smear that claimed that RW had dissed the troops at a USO show, so they turned their backs on him. What really happened was that a bugler had played the signal for "retreat" and that caused the audience to turn around as one:


Phoenix Woman

Dave Tetzlaff:

Oh, I'm sure that Fields thought he was being clever and dog-whistling to the base. But it's hard to look Machiavellian when you've stepped on a rake. Repeatedly. And intentionally.

Blanche Norman

If I could talk to Mr. Fields, this is what I would say. Guess what Mr. Fields? Poor people get severe clinical depression and suffer through addiction as do the middle class and the rich that no one has heard of. There is something called "empathy" -- a feeling of understanding of someones plight that comes from a shared "humanity." Art has power and affects people who aren't sociopaths like yourself. That is why they actually really truly DO mourn the loss of someone who made them laugh and cry over the years, even if they did not know him or her. Faked concern and empathy are something which I'm sure you know how to do well. So well, in fact, that you you think it is easy for other people to do. Well it isn't. As for Robin Williams, he gave an enormous amount of his talent, money and time, to Comic Relief, the USO, and the Christopher Reeve Foundation, so to make him sound like the enemy because he is taxed at an unfair rate from the rest of us, makes you sound like an even bigger boob. Believe me he was aware that he had an obligation based on his success and celebrity and he did his best to serve the homeless, the troops and the paralyzed. What good have you done Mr. Fields that isn't self serving? I hope you are fired and that your party loses this election. You are a disgrace to humanity.

Shelly Ann the DesertFox

Another reason why I left the GOP for a more civilized party. Rest in Peace Robin Williams, loved your work, I understand what you were going through, I too suffer from depression.

//s// A Proud Honorable Disabled American Veteran, 1970-1994, Combat 1991

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