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Aug 26, 2014


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Phoenix Woman

This makes me think of a song by The Four Lads, covered brilliantly by They Might Be Giants:


(It's Istanbul, not Constantinople!)

William DeBerg

I would like it to be known that I am NOT behind the Keith Downey Should Resign page as "reported" on Bluestem Prairie. In fact, I would go so far as to say that Jeff Kolb For Crystal City Council, who has been posing as me on Facebook as Bill De Berg and @Libertylonghair on Twitter is most likely the dood behind it. I certainly don't have money laying around to buy fake profile "likes".

I would like the insinuation that I am behind that page to be redacted by the author. Much like former Governor Ventura, I worry that my reputation could be damaged by this allegation.

I have been active with Bonn Clayton's JD organization and that is why I posted there. I share many MNGOP activists concern about the association between Keith Downey and the Civis Media Group. I also question his motives behind the Michelle MacDonald fiasco. As much as I support the movement to ask for his resignation, I am not an organizer, nor am I an admin on that page.

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