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Nov 19, 2014


Mike Worcester

You know what would be hilarious? Dropping him off at the intersection of Cedar Avenue and Riverside and watching his reaction. That might make me chuckle a little :-)

Steve Gardner

He can stay away from Willmar. We have too many like him already, like this asshat who ran (very) unsuccessfully for City Council: http://bit.ly/1uBIZv1

mary jo turner

people came to America for freedom of religion no one should be talking about badly about other people's religions this guy needs to resign get out of office

Douglass Cool

What has happened to Minnesota??? How has Morons like him and Michelle Bachman survived in a state that once was a bastion of Democracy... The Great Hubert Humphery is undoubtedly, ""doing flip Flops, End for End"" in his grave...

Gary Markle

The Christian Dilemma:

The greatest threat to America, and indeed to the rest of world, at this point in history, comes from the staunch advocates of right wing ideology, and I must submit this warning to you: Thereis a grave problem with the right wing movement, in that; they seem to possess a distorted sense of entitlement. They’ve set themselves apart, and seem to think that their faith gives them the right to view the world from a platitude of conceit, through condescending eyes, and with a false sense of superiority.They actually believe themselves to be superior beings, with a manifest destiny and some strange notion that God is on their side. A people with a desire to conquer, under the false guise of Christianity, seeking to dominate in the nameof Christ, their view of humanity being reduced to nothing more than a matterof “us” and “them”.

What they fail to realize is; if the Christ you believe in leads you to view other humans as lesser beings, then you are a follower of the anti-Christ. The plain truth is; God doesn’t have a religion and God doesn’t discriminate. Any religion that professes to be the only true religion,or that they‘re special in the eyes of God preaches false doctrine. If the Spirit of God is truly with you, it will only be known by acts of “unconditional” love and charity. No religion can claim exclusive rights to God. He belongs to all that He has created, and to foster a belief in “us” and“them” is to divide humanity, not unite it.

And so it will be, in The End, that those who have set themselves apart from their fellow man will find that they have set themselves apart from God. The worth of a soul will only be measured by how much it has loved, nothing more, nothing less. Woe to those who have taken the widow’s mite and built castles and empires in His name. They have incurred a great accountability, their suffering will be unending.

Even Jesus will not claim to be Christian, but will only proclaim the glory of the Father. And when He returns they will shout: "Here we are Lord!" And He will respond:"I never knew you". They have forsaken the Word and have become prisoners of the Numbers.

Those who have put themselves first will be last.

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