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Sep 22, 2015


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Staci Drouillard

A recent article by Bill Hanna in the Mesabi Daily News alleges that because District 3A DFL Candidate Bill Hansen is skeptical of copper mining, that he disparages all mining people. But at the root of all this, is the old DFL guard trying to muzzle the progressives from the same party. I have been making calls in support of Bill Hansen and what I am hearing, based on the location and the age, is fear and desperation and frankly, a lifetime lack of opportunity. It is not the fault of the third generation mining families that comments taken out of context and mining skepticism are inflaming some people in District 3A. It is the fault of the politicians who are bought and paid for by the multi-national mining companies and their powerful lobbies. My grandfather worked for the mining company and so did my uncle. My dad worked at Erie Mining for most of my childhood. He hurt himself badly on the job twice, worked midnight shifts and was laid off multiple times, all at the will of the company. When Bill Hansen talks about diversifying the economy, he is talking about making things better for all of the people in 3A. We are a district of hard-working people who deserve better than to be pawns in a political game, or shills for a multi-national company that only wants to make money and damn the environment, and damn the communities. They don't really care about the people. So the Mesabi Daily News is not telling the truth. What they should be doing is working for the people and enlightening their readers that sometimes the old ways die hard in order for a new, better way to grow and thrive. That's what I believe, and I know that's what Bill Hansen believes too. They are making people afraid and trying to divide the DFL party for political gain. And the people deserve better.

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