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Jan 05, 2017


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Michael Lhotka

Only public schools?

Jeremy Scott Listerud

The bill attacks the bill of rights, attacks the fundamentals of what this country stood for, and represents hate, it is a hate crime by not only the u.s. supreme court but also the United Nations. Transgender people are becoming a commonality in society and many people if younger generations are supportive of those that were given the sex organs at birth. In some cases (more than half) it was either the parents or the doctors that made that choice not knowing the complexity of gender identity isn't just the reproductive organs. The people proposing this bill show a classic case of insecure sexual identity. Meaning they don't know if they are straight or gay, so most likely bisexual but were raised in a home with a stern hand that everyone must be straight. The need to go through psychological testing and therapy to discover why they hate someone. I propose a bill HF0041Bi that requires anyone that suggests to isolate or discriminate LGBT need to go through a psychological profile testing and therapy.

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