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Mar 02, 2017


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Brian Wolf

Editor's note: Brian Wolf's deer farm is not in Minnesota. It is in Wisconsin. He also fails to disclose that that he's on the board of the Wisconsin Commercial Deer and Elk Farmer's Association. See:


The disease is much more widespread there--and the political landscape is far different as well.

Here's one article that gets in our neighbor's landscape:

The comment:

Your article implies that that the Farmed Cervid Industry is responsible for the spread of CWD.
This view is highly irresponsible. Just the opposite is true. As a Farmed Cervid producer,
I am double fenced, not because I am afraid that one of my animals will escape and spread CWD to wild cervids, but because my animals may contact CWD by beings in contact with wild cervids.

The Farmed Cervid industry is highly regulated while the wild white tail deer industry is unregulated. Farmed Cervid owners spend a lot of money every year to make sure our industry is CWD free and that there is no risk to the public.

The DNR needs to concentrate on containing the spread of CWD in the wild to decrease the risk of spread to the Farmed Cervid Industry and to stop pointing a finger in their direction.

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