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May 01, 2017


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A. Martin

When the bigger picture is considered, many of these things start to make sense, or should I say become understandable?

Capitalism, "our" system, is intended to always go after every last dollar that exists. No holds barred. No 'regulations'. Top capitalists, the 1% type, have committed a 'hostile takeover' of the Republican Party. Now, that party is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to get those dollars. If that means destroy the economy, destroy the country, destroy the Earth, like common heroin addicts, they can't (or won't) seem able or willing to stop themselves.

When I look at everything the Republican Party does and stands for, it all fits into this mold. Destroying education is part of it; when schools are private, only those already having money will be able to educate their children, and only educated people will be deemed suitable to be in power, completing the loop that puts the wealthy in permanent control. Forever. They hope.

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