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Dec 20, 2017


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Delbert Wehrspann

I can believe this. Chippewa Country recently approved a CUP
for a septic hauler to store septic sewage in used steel fuel-tanks that were removed from a gas station.The tanks will be located in a gravel pit where leakage would threaten ground water. Their rational was that PCA would only get envolved if it was over 50,000 gallons. This project is 40,000 gallons.
Local control is simply having the “Fox guard the chicken coop”. Decisions are made behind closed doors and public hearings are just a formality.

Mary Sullivan

Where are the women and younger residents on the Brown County Board? It is time that citizens who care about the environment and the health consequences of contamination speak out and step out and run for the County Board.

Tom Kalahar

Surprise, surprise! I have lived in Renville County for 40 years and have never had any representation with County officials. The Agricultural industries bought most if not all politicians yesrs ago. Same goes for state and federal. Poison is the major tool in making money and nothing and nobody comes ahead of that. We do get the government we deserve.

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