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Mar 07, 2018


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Dale Witherington

Dear Bluestem Prairie:

Dale Witherington here. Yes. That guy.

First of all, many thanks to the MN state representative who sent you his/her invitation to our non-political, non-partisan, non-denominational Bible study. I sincerely appreciate you getting the word out for me.

Secondly, if I said it, I believe it and I know why I believe what I said. Have you ever thought through your belief system, whatever it might be, and genuinely asked yourself "Why" you believe what you believe? It's an interesting and humbling exercise.

The only statement worth addressing here and now that is your opinion based on no facts whatsoever is the statement, "Nor is Witherington in any way advocating interfaith dialogue and prayer." That statement is a flat out lie. I would WELCOME interfaith dialogue and I welcome anyone to pray as his or her conscience dictates. I may or may not agree with the prayer or to whom the pray-er is praying any more that he or she might not agree with my prayer or to whom I am praying but don't we call that "religious freedom"? The problem is, no one on your side seems interested in dialogue as much as you enjoy slamming those with whom you disagree. You want dialogue? LET'S DO IT! Pick a venue and let's get something on the calendar. We can dialogue about interfaith issues to your heart's content. No slamming others. No disrespect. Just open, honest dialogue. I'm game. Are you?

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