Newman’s tweet appears to suggest that teenagers are excused from sexual violence. That’s certainly how thousands of Twitter users are taking it.

Twitter’s meter on the tweet showed some 3,900 replies — overwhelmingly, if not entirely, critical of Newman...

Bring Me the News' Adam Uren earlier reported on the metrics  in Minnesota senator under fire for tweet about Brett Kavanaugh sex assault allegation:

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of a "Twitter ratio," it's basically when replies to someone's tweet significantly outweighs the number of retweets and likes it receives, and is often an indication the person has said something controversial.

In Newman's case, as of Tuesday morning he has received 74 retweets, 100 likes ... and 3,700 replies to his tweet.

We're particularly pleased that this guy didn't become a judge with this notion that youth excuses rape--and didn't get elected in 2014 as Minnesota's Attorney General either.

Screengrab: Senator Scott Newman's offending response to an AP story published by the Pioneer Press.

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