The city council in the small western Minnesota town of Prinsburg has unanimously shelved a proposed ordinance that would have allowed its residents to sue abortion providers, passing on the chance to inject itself into the national legal skirmish over abortion.

It's been less than three weeks since the small town south of Willmar drew outsized attention over the proposed ordinance. But on Friday, the council opted not to go forward with the measure sought by a local Republican legislator that echoed legislation in Republican-led states that have been restricting abortion access in the months since the U.S. Supreme overturned Roe vs. Wade.

"In reaching its decision, the council took into account the position of the Minnesota Attorney General and its City Attorney stating that provisions described in the ordinance are unconstitutional and not within the legal authority of the city to enact," city leaders said in a statement posted to the city website. "The council plans no further discussion or comment regarding the proposed ordinance." . . .

Outgoing State Rep. Tim Miller, R-Prinsburg, was pushing for the measure. In an interview Saturday, he contended that it's constitutional despite the city's position and assertions from the state attorney general's office to the contrary.

In a statement, Attorney General Keith Ellison praised the Prinsburg council's vote, saying its members "unanimously recognized the proposed ordinance was both unconstitutional and preempted by state law."

"I thank them for upholding their oaths of office by taking those concerns seriously, and I hope other communities take notice," Ellison said. "It's my job to protect the constitutional rights of Minnesotans in every community to access safe, legal abortion, and I will continue to do it." . . . .

But the money quote goes to Miller himself:

Miller remains undaunted. "I will pit the creator of the universe against Attorney General Ellison and we will win every single time. I am fully confident in that," he said.

Bluestem had no idea the Minnesota Constitution, which Attorney General Ellison works to uphold, was in such mortal combat with the Creator.

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Screengrab: A Tim Miller Facebook post in 2014. Perhaps those lawn ornament voters are what Stop the Steal folks mean when they talk about fraud in elections.

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